You have to be an *** to blow up a Grasshopper mower. They are the best mower I have ever run and I have put them through *** without one complaint.

When you don't know what you are doing don't blame the mower, it is operator error! Some of you can't even spell mower right let alone run one right. I have an 1820 that is more than 25 years old and it is still going strong. Try taking responsibility for your own mistakes instead of blaming it on the mower or the company.

I have used Grasshopper mowers in some of the harshest conditions one could think of and never a problem. In fact they thrive on harsh treatment.

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For 5 years sold toro, scag, ferris, and grasshopper. Of these mowers, grasshopper was the only mower we recommended to commercial operators.

We had many customers that had bought grasshopper mowers from previous dealer that had 4,000 - 6000 hrs still going strong. Most of the problems I have read about on this site are problems ALL mower brands have.

For the few negatives you see here, there are thousands of very satisfied grasshopper customers, including myself. I now have my own commercial lawn service & all I run is GRASSHOPPER.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #997976

I have a 220 grasshopper zero turn mower. Idk what people are doing to get such bad luck.

My mower is probably the most abused, un maintained poorly managed piece of equipment.

Yet it works flawlessly. Very strong and cuts amazingly and I'm going on 9500 hrs on the machine.

Murdock, Minnesota, United States #875661

There is no way one of these will last for 25 years. I made the comment to the dealer about a person on facebook crowing about his grasshopper that is 12 years old with 15,000 hours on it. He said he did not believe that, and they would never go that many hours.

to mower girl Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #994994

Mine is almost 30 years old. I'm using a model 1212 that was manufactured in 1986 and it still works fine.

I had a ring job in 2000 and replaced the pillowblock bearings and fuel pump in 2005.

Aside from new belts every five years and a flat tire, I've made no other repairs. I realize my mower is probably an exception, but if you do the recommended maintenance, there is no reason you shouldn't get many years out of your machine.


My brother has a Grasshopper for almost 9 years with no problems... After having continuous problems with my 226V the Grasshopper Company Rep.

and a mechanic at the main company both told me it was an ongoing problem and they figured out how to fix it.. They sent the parts to the local dealer who replaced the parts of the mower.. Unfortunately this did not solve the problem.. One month later the belt shredded and a blade fell off..

Actually the Rep. and the Grasshopper mechanic were puzzled as to why a blade was falling off and blame it on the guys at the dealership....

It had been determined and admitted by the Grasshopper Rep. and the Dealer that I had purchased a Lemon !


Wow you sound like you got an anger issue


I have a 718 I bought used this spring. I think I'll buy an ExMark next time. It's going to nickel and dime me to death.

to Needs an Exmark #1361846

Apparently it is all your fault!!??

Arlington, Texas, United States #689492

I sympathize witht the guy who has the problem with the belts coming off and dont agree that it is automatically the operator. I have the exact same problem with a Toro z master commercial that I use on weekends to mow about six acres of easy mowing.

The belt comes off routinely and gets mangled. Every time I replace the belt which is numerous times, it costs me 150.00. I have had it in two different shops and it still comes off. They in turn call Toro only to be told by Toro they can't understand it either.

In other words, we sold you a lemon mower and we won't do anything about your problems with our defective product. My z master is four years old and has only 225 hrs.

on it and the belt has had to be replaced at least six or eight times. I dont want anything from toro or anyone else other than a mower that works properly, but that just seems to be too unreasonable of an expectation.

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