Manteno, Illinois
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I had my mower running for 1.1 hour and the first thing that I noticed was those *** black plastic plugs came out of the mower deck,all but 1. I made the plugs on my last grasshopper, they stayed in until I traded.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS SIMPLE PROBLEM IS BAFFALING THE DESIGN PEOPLE. I feel like I needed to capture parts off the old one. I'm not impressed with to much, this is the last one I will order early.

I will look at what you did first and steal my improvements off the old one before I give them away. I think the company should send me a bag full, so I can waste my time putting them in the holes

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REALLY!! are upset about a couple plastic plugs?? This simple problem must be about as difficult as spelling a complaint correctly [see your comment]..........


heating problem runs right to red when new repaired radiater and does not run hot at all stays in green had to be bad radiater but dealer wouldnt replace it

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