This is not a complaint. I am the owner of a Grasshopper 225. I've been having problems with the mower loosing its charge after mowing for an extended period of time. I took it to a repair shop after charging the battery and the owner of the shop assured me that everything checked out ok. I then mowed for approx. 2 acres and stopped. The battery was dead again. Its a new battery.

Has anyone had a similar problem or does anyone know how to correct this issue? Please respond if you have a suggestion. I can be reached at larry.green8@us.army.mil

Thank you,

Larry Green

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Correction typo 30 amp fuse not 39


I have a grasshopper 223 that quit charging. After about two hours the clutch ran the battery down.

Monitored this page and a few others. As my dad said check the cheapest things first. It was the 39 amp fuse. Don’t be confused there is m inline 30 amp fuse running to the clutch.

There is a fuse bar on the right hand side of the mower next to the seat.

Check that 39 amp fuse. That solves my problem


I have a 223 grasshopper. Ij have the same problem I mow for a little time till the battery dies then I have to recharge the thing. I cant find out what the problem is even the shop says alls good well its not.


you might have a bad stator. I also have a 223 and mine went bad.


I had a similar problem. I had to charge the (new) battery every time I used it...and it would die if i ran the mower for over 2 hours.

I changed the voltage regulator which was now providing a charge back to the battery.

A mechanic told me how to test the problem to see if it was the voltage regulator...(or something under the flywheel?) I forget what terminals you have to measure with a voltmeter, but you can probably ask a mechanic for that info? Anyway...the voltage regulator was cheap online, and easy to change, and fixed the problem.


Dzerger@grasshoppermower.com *** Zerger has been helpful with mine, providing good information. Nearest Grasshopper dealer 2 hours away so I have learned more about engine and mower to do better preventative maintenance (routine basic PM).

Some of the problems I have encountered, I learned from my own mistakes, were in not completing some basic PMs on the aircooled Briggs engine.

Grasshopper does seem to have a problem with keeping good local rep for the northwest florida, southwest alabama area.

Hope your contact with Mr.

Zerger proves helpful.

Georgia, United States #882430

think its the omina or the voltage regulator


I had the same charging problem on my 223 and replaced the voltage regulator, worked great for about a month until the new one went bad. I finally got fed up and fabricated brackets and mounted a real 40amp alternator on the back.

I mounted it where it could run off the hydro pump drive belt and haven't had a problem since. It's worked great for the past three years. I bought the small alternator from db electrical, I think it was for a jd gator or small Kubota.

The original setup on mine kept blowing some of the diodes inside the OEM voltage regulator, bad stator maybe. Since there is no easy way to work on it without removing the engine I just deleted the original charging system and went to the real alternator.

Yorba Linda, California, United States #664627

I have an older 720k that i cant seem to get any help with parts on because noone can use. The part and model #s that i have from the mower.

What good is a 7000.00 mower if you cant get repair parts. Buy anything but a grasshpper

to gr***y*** Yorba Linda, California, United States #664630

This mower doesn't even cut well unless Imow the yard every 3days. My old MTD walm art special did better work

Fulton, Missouri, United States #662408

Look at the 30 amp fuse, it may be corroded or blown, replace it anyway. Check regulator-solonoid, if starter is hot it won't turn over until it cools down.

Starter could be bad.I had the exact same happen. Mow for a while, wanted to die, so I disengaged the PTO and made it to the house to recharge.After several times of this I changed batteries, no luck replaced fuse, no problems since


it could be your voltage regulator


i have a 721d and just started to have the same problem .new battery after mowing 1/2 hour mower stops ,battery wont turn the engine over, what can be done that dont cost a lot just bto get it checked gy a dealer


Either the regulator is not allowing the current amount of current to be replaced to the battery as you use it or the alternator in the flywheel of the engine is not putting out enough to replenish the use. Regulator is the cheapest to replace but a good tech can test both pretty quickly. Only other problem could be a bad coil in the electric clutch itself but is unlikely.


sounds like your charging system in not charging the battery while your mowing..yes he knows that,thats his question,how about telling him what to look for that is causing the problem.


sounds like your charging system in not charging the battery while your mowing.

Your using up your battery, on the ignition

and electric clutch for the pto.

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