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If you are buying a Grasshopper mower from a dealer in eastern Pennsylvania beware the distributor in that area passes used equipment to the dealers as new units. Used mower decks are cleaned and painted and moved on as new. Tractors that have been used or come out of a dealers demo pool are cleaned up, the hour meters replaced and represented as new units. Sometimes the dealers are not aware this is taking place. If you are purchasing a new... Read more

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This company is not a well run company. They absolutely DO NOT stand behind their products. I have tried to work with them after the engine on my 618 blew up. They were dismissive, rude, offered absolutely no assistance, even though the engine had only 300 hours on it. I will never again purchase a product from this company. Read more

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I can't believe that no one is complaining about these. The actuator brake went bad on mine with just 250 hours. When that happens, the blade clutch will cut in and out because the switch housing jumps up and down. The dealer told me that it has been a big problem. He recommended wrapping a bungee cord around it for stability. So I bought a $14,000 mower that will require a $650.00 actuator cylinder after only 250 hours? Really! This is my 3rd... Read more

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I have had a grasshopper 4 years cut commercial as well as residential Great Great Lawn Mower 52-inch cut , blades and deck Belt is the only thing I had to change looking at buying a 61 inch cut with a 35 horsepower

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Bought a 225 new in 2000. Mowed commercially with it for 14 yrs. never turned a bolt on the engine. Only replaced tires belts and blades and blade bearings. Still mows great at 16 yrs

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This is the deck lift made by KYB Corp. It rubbed on the lifting arm and go a hole in the oil reservoir that is aluminum. I called KYB and they would not help me, says it's a proprietary item and I should call Grasshopper. I call Grasshopper and a man named *** said they did not sell parts for the unit and a new complete unit was about a $1000.00. I told him I had fixed the oil the hole in the oil reservoir and wanted to refill it with oil.... Read more

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Bought a new 725 diesel and only had one year of no issues. The last year and half I have had issue after issue. Main issue being the engine overheats quicker than it should compared to the gas grasshopper mower. Also, the mower has been burning oil. Today I tried to use it and it would not move forward or backwards. I will be taking it back to the dealer tomorrow morning for the 10th time in 13 months. This is my third grasshopper, the... Read more

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Love the machine but absolutely no traction I hate spending half my time trying to get turned makes me want to go back to my john deer mower Read more

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We have a 226v grasshopper bought it new. At 150 hr the motor blew up dealer said out of warranty so 1000 dollars later i have a new motor. When the motor blew up it took the mower deck clutch out so i ordered a new one. Out of the box the bearings were rough and didn't spin free dealer said thats the way they were not to worry 2 hr later the clutch went out dealer said that it was warranty. Three weeks later they bill me saying I installed it... Read more

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My employer purchased a 725 DT6 with Power Fold 61" mower deck two years ago. It is very easy to operate, has been very reliable and has cut mowing time by nearly half the time required using other non-ZTR mowers. Recently, I had a problem and contacted Grasshopper Tech Support who very quickly identified the problem and enabled me to fix it myself! I am very happy the the machine and the Tech support. Thanks Grasshopper Read more

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